Flexible Database Platform—PROdb

What is PROdb?

eSolia is focused on building up the foundations upon which you can succeed in business, and as a database platform service, PROdb is one of the most important building blocks we utilize to help you do that.

As we become familiar with your business processes, we can develop your database in PROdb which will let you capture transactions, and then extract the appropriate information from your data to help you manage your business.

PROdb supplies all the tools needed to quickly build state-of-the-art structured-data applications that run entirely in a web browser. To wit, these are the clear business benefits which any organization can receive from using PROdb:

  • Pay-as-you-go Pricing. You pay a per user per month license fee, and there are no hidden costs, and none of the upfront costs typically associated with implementing an IT infrastructure, because our team takes care of that.
  • Speedy development. Get your app running in weeks if not days, rather than months or years, and development is therefore not only quick, it is also inexpensive.
  • Real-time changes. This is as Agile as software development gets. Most changes can be done soon after you articulate your requirement.
  • Quick platform problem resolution. Our team deals with problems on a rolling basis, keeping your db up and running in tip-top shape.
  • Worldwide Availability. Even while out of the office, you can access and work on your data, hosted in PROdb.

Simple & Quick

PROdb is a proven hosted database service platform, that makes normally-complex database setup quick and easy.


Our team handles the heavy IT lifting, so you don't have to. That means PROdb runs secure and solid. Rock solid.


Properly running a database server entails maintenance, upgrades and generally a lot of hard work. Isn't this expensive? Not with PROdb.